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Weight Loss

The weight loss journey

Weight loss as a concept can be misunderstood, mismanaged and mis-sold. After all, it goes against most people’s nature to dislike calorie rich tasty food, and the modern world always leaves little time for exercise. Should we be surprised then, that so many people look for the best way to loose weight and are willing to go to great lengths to have that “boombod” or perfectly proportioned body? In many cases, people will spend money online to buy a dieting plan, or a so-called fat burner only to find that they do not work, or that the evidence for their benefits is very limited.
We believe that your weight loss journey should be personalised. We will not settle for just giving you simple weight loss pill or shoeing you the best exercise to loose belly fat. We believe that you should be given options. Once you choose what is best for you, with the guidance of our Pharmacists, you will not only loose weight in the short term, but also learn how to sustain that weight loss in the long term and achieve better health overall.

What does our weight management service offer?

We will carry out an initial FREE consultation, during which we will review your medical history lifestyle, assess your risk factors for long-term weight related illnesses, and then discuss the options available to you, which will include one or more of the following:

  • A recommendation to form a dieting plan and/or an exercise plan by consulting our expert dieticians
  • Oral weight loss medication 
  • Injected weight loss medication 

How does the service work?

Once the initial consultation is complete and decisions have been reached, weekly check-ins will be carried out remotely with the dietician/fitness trainer, or monthly check-ins will be carried out with the Pharmacist . Any advice required in between check-ins will be available by phone or in person (depending on the options chosen) and included in the monthly price.

How can I find out more about weight loss options?

We will give you all of the details you need and answer any questions during the first consultation, but for now, here are the basis:

Dietician and fitness trainer

Initial and subsequent contact by secure social media messaging. Phone contact available if needed.

  • Explain your culinary likes and dislikes, communicate your exercise habits and desired goals
  • A personalised plan involving a calorie-controlled diet and/or an exercise program will be devised and communicated to you
  • Weekly check-ins with full flexibility to make changes to your plan

Weight Loss Pills

  • Initial FREE consultation
  • Pharmacist provides initial supply of tablets
  • Monthly check ups and renewal of supply for 5 more months
  • BMI must be over 30 if you have no other conditions, or over 28 if you have other risk factors such as diabetes
  • Must be used in addition to a healthy diet and exercise

Weight Loss injection

  • Initial FREE consultation
  • Pharmacist to supply initial supply of injections, needles and sharps collection box
  • Training on how to use the injection
  • Once daily injections to be self-administered at home
  • Weekly check ups and further assessment, along with repeat supplies
  • Cost of ÂŁ260 per month
  • BMI must be over 30 if you are healthy, or over 27 if you have other risk factors.
  • Must be used in addition to a healthy diet and exercise

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