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The Pandemic has changed the way we travel, so travellers and travel clinics alike have had to react. Travellers now have to complete a new checklist which will involve worrying about whether they can travel or not to their destination, whether they might need a vaccine passport, or a fit to fly certificate, or even use a test to release service, so that they can exit quarantine on their return. Unfortunately, things are not as simple as they were before: people used to ask “where is the travel clinic near me?” Once they found it, they would go in, have their jabs and fly away, without all of the extra burdens that Covid19 brought to the experience. At Shantys Pharmacy, we made sure that we changed too. We now offer all travel vaccines, including Yellow Fever, antimalarials, Fit to Fly certificates and Test to Release services. The travel clinic at Shantys Pharmacy is run by our Pharmacists, who are also qualified as Travel Clinicians. We use the latest Nathnac guidelines to ensure that we offer travel advice which is tailored to suit each patient on an individual basis. In order to minimise the risk of Covid19, we ask patients to send a completed assessment from by email, complete a pre-booked consultation by video link, and then visit the pharmacy to have all of their travel vaccines administered and collect any additional items, such as antimalarials. Any areas used will be cleaned before and after a visit from every patient or family.
VaccinePrice per dose
Hepatitis A£55.00
Hep A (Child)£55.00
Hepatitis B£50.00
Hep B (Child)£45.00
Hepatitis A + B£95.00
Hepatitis A + Typhoid£85.00
Tetanus, Diphtheria + Polio£35.00
Meningitis ACWY (Hajj and Umrah)£55.00
Yellow Fever£70.00
VaccinePrice per dose
Rabies intradermal (for large groups only)£40.00
Cholera (2 doses - full course at £60.00)£30.00
Japanese Encephalitis£90.00
Tick Borne Encephalitis£70.00
Meningitis B£130.00
HPV (Gardasil)£165.00
Pneumococcal vaccine£30.00
Antimalarials POA

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