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The best places to get oral contraceptives…

GPs and family planning clinics are the first port of call if you want to have the contraceptive pill supplied for the first time. For repeat supplies, whether you need the combination pill (COC) pill or the progesterone only pill (POP or the mini pill), we can help. As long as you have been prescribed the pill by your GP or sexual health clinic in the last 6 months, AND had a “pill check-up” at your clinic in the last year, you can book in for a consultation with our Pharmacist and pick up a 3 month supply today.

Contraceptive Pills available at Shantys Pharmacy...

It is not easy to remember which contraceptive pill you were taking previously, so do check your records or any old packs you might have lying around before booking in.

If you are unsure which type of oral contraceptive will suit you best then the pharmacist will discuss the full range with you during your appointment and you can then make an informed choice. In the meantime, this “favourites” list containing the most prescribed pills, may jog your memory:

Birth Control Pills

      • Microgynon or Microgynon 30 pill
      • Cerelle pill
      • Yasmin pill
      • Cerazette pill
      • Rigevidon pill
      • Dianette pill
      • Gedarel pill
      • Levest pill

Life is busy, GPs and family planning clinics are popular these days, but you can’t wait for them to get your next supply!

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Book a time with the pharmacist



Complete the Oral Contraceptive Patient Risk Assessment and Consent Form

You can complete this form online or download it for completion.  Please email the completed form to: info@shantyspharmacy.com


Click on the link we send you at your chosen time

You will then be connected with a pharmacist.


Consultation & Treatment

Complete the consultation and the pharmacist will help you choose the best oral contraception for you, and explain how to use it.