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NHS repeat prescriptions - Order Your Prescription

You can quickly and conveniently order your repeat prescriptions and arrange for a pharmacy to receive your prescriptions electronically from your GP (see below). You can then order regularly and arrange to collect or have then delivered.

How do I request a repeat prescription?

If your doctor has prescribed you medication that you need to take on a regular basis, then this can be arranged as a repeat prescription.

Order A Repeat Prescription

If you are given a repeat prescription for regular medication, you can arrange a convenient method for ordering a new repeat prescription before your medication runs out.
This can be done in a number of ways. At Shantys Pharmacy, if you are registered with any GP surgery in Tower Hamlets, you can order your repeats through us, and we will track the progress of your order and have your prescription ready within 4 working days of placing your order. From experience, we know that patients who do choose an online chemist or pharmacy, who offer prescription delivery of their online prescription, will often revert to our service, since ours is a personalised service that will inevitably be more reliable and offer additional advice on the medicines dispensed and even on saving money on prescriptions costs through prepayment certificates.

Electronic Prescriptions

For many years, paper prescriptions have been declining to make way for electronic prescriptions, which are paperless. If you are given a paper prescription, for example from an NHS prescription, then by all means come and see us and we will dispense it. In all likelihood, especially if it comes from your GP, your prescription will be electronic and therefore paperless. It will be sent directly to your nominated pharmacy. You control the nomination, so you get to choose which pharmacy it will go to. 

You can ask a GP to nominate a pharmacy, or for a pharmacy to put a nomination in place on your behalf. Any nomination stands until it is cancelled, and your prescriptions will continue going to that pharmacy unless you decide to change that.

Text Alerts

Do you want a text alert to be sent to your mobile phone once your prescription is ready? Be sure to fill in the question about texts in the form below and provide your mobile number

Shantys Pharmacy

The NHS App is free to download from the App Store and Google Play. Here you can Nominate Shantys Pharmacy as the place to collect your orders.

Have your repeat prescription automatically sent to Shantys Pharmacy

Would you like to your prescription to be automatically sent to Shantys Pharmacy so you can collect it directly? 

Please complete the nomination form (click button below) then send the form to: 

Repeat Prescriptions Whitechapel - Shantys Pharmacy Whitechapel Rd London E1